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Camp Creek is located about 38 miles west of Baker City and also is ideal for all types of camping rigs.  Gold is of fine grade.

Camp Creek Mining Claim

California Gulch is located another 4 miles west of Auburn has a year round stream .  Gold is finer than that of Auburn.

California Gulch Mining Claim

Located approximately 41miles southwest towards John Day.  Good camping and excellent rock hunting.

North Fork Burnt River Mining Claim

This claim is located a couple miles north of the old mining town of Granite.  Access is high clearance vehicle.  

Yellow  Gold Mining Claim

Located approximately eight miles northwest of Baker City.  Has produced good gold but access by high clearance vehicle is required.

Salmon Creek Mining Claim

Gold was discovered in Eastern Oregon by members of the “lost” wagon train of 1845 led by Stephen Meek.  This led to the legend of the “Blue Bucket Mine”.  Looking for the Blue Bucket Mine, Henry Griffin discovered gold six miles south-west of what is now Baker City, Oregon in 1861.  In 1862 gold was discovered in a nearby gulch that became Auburn.  That same year old was discovered in Canyon City and the gold rush was in full bloom.  Gold has been mined continuously ever since in this area.  Officially $131,000,000 was removed (State of Oregon figures) while the actual figure is probably at least twice that figure (and this was calculated at the 19th century prices).  It has also been estimated that there is more than that still waiting for the lucky prospector!


All of EOMP’s mining claims are located within an hour and half drive from Baker City.  Members should check out each claim before they take an RV or car into the area.  Some have excellent camping while others have very limited camping; ie; tents.  

Some of the claims have a variety of rocks for the avid rock collector with some beautiful petrified wood, garnets, and crystals to name a few.  We usually have a contest for the prettiest rock at each of the rendezvous because we are always finding something new.

Our claims are an excellent place to start your back country exploring using roads or ATV trails.  Oregon now requires an “All -Terrain Vehicle Safety Education Card” for most people.  Please click the below link to find out if your are required to carry one.