About Us


About us. During summer months, we conduct outings where individuals and families are taught prospecting and mining techniques in a “hands on” environment at one of EOMP’s claims. These three day events cover the use of a wide range of small recreational mining equipment and processing of gold without using harmful chemicals.

 We teach numerous classes some of which include:

 Mining history of Eastern Oregon;

 Types of rocks one can expect to find on our mining claims (for the rock hunters);

 Panning techniques;

 Use of metal detectors;

 Proper use of small dredging equipment and outline state requirements for use of this equipment;

 Procedures to use to file your own mining claims;

 Safety issues while on Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management land;

We have families from Washington state to Florida who travel to attend one of these “hands on” events.


EOMP is also partnering with the Eastern Oregon Miners Association (a non-profit organization) and the Blue Mountain Community College in teaching basic mining techniques.