Forest Fires 2015 on National Forests

Forest Fires 2015

For Forest Fires 2015 the danger is rising. Below are some of the current Forest Service restrictions from the Umatilla National Forest website.


Current Public-Use Restrictions

Public Use Restrictions (PURs) are measures put in place to reduce the risk of a wildfire starting when fire danger is extreme. These restrictions are always carefully considered before being implemented because the intent is not to ruin someone’s vacation, but to improve the safety of our public lands and resources.  Restrictions can affect where you are allowed to smoke, the types of roads you can travel, and where – or even if – you are allowed to have a campfire.

Forest Fires 2015

The Umatilla, Malheur and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests implementaed new campfire seasonal restrictions in 2015 along with the three-phase public use restriction plan for implementation.

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