While EOMP is a charity, your dues are not tax deductible but any donations you make to EOMP are tax deductible and you will be provided a deduction slip from EOMP upon request.

Yearly dues are to be paid at the Spring Club Meeting each year and grants a twelve month membership to EOMP.  

For the NEW APPLICANTS:  once EOMP receives the application paperwork and payment, we send a membership card, maps and directions to the claims.  Members may go to the claims at any time but must respect the environment /terrain and obey any fire precautions imposed.

Dues are $100.00 each year.

Family members are allowed to participate in all regular activities.

Please allow several weeks for processing as we are all volunteers with no paid staff.   Thanks for understanding.


Follow the instructions below to mail in an application

1. Members Application – fill out legibly, please enclose your current email address, sign and return.

Download Application

2. EOMP copy of the Pick & Shovel Agreement – read, sign and return.

3. Members Copy of the Pick and Shovel Agreement – keep for your records.

Please read, fill out and sign each of the forms where required. It is very important that you understand the Pick and Shovel, and follow the requirements when operating on our claims. Failure to comply could cause problems with BLM or DEQ, resulting in fines. You must carry your members’ card with you when you are working on any of the claims. Failure to do so may result in Forest Service, BLM employees or other EOMP members asking you to leave the site. Any member may ask to see your card which is changed yearly.  We want to make sure that those who are working the claims and removing the gold have a right to be there.

Unless otherwise mentioned, you will receive your membership card and maps after a check and signed paperwork has been received by our Corporation’s Secretary. We can use the internet to let members know of changes in  outings and other club announcements.

To learn more about the Corporation please feel free to visit our website at   We welcome your suggestions.

Thank you, and welcome aboard! We are so glad you are interested in becoming a member and look forward to meeting you soon!

Please return the application, release, and pick and shovel agreement to the below address:

E.O.M.P. Inc
P.O. Box 66
Baker City, OR 97814

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